Aletha Pape
Freelance/Script Writer/Blog Writer and more
Andrew Romulo
Eventrix Productions was founded by Andrew Romulo in 2005. His journey into the production industry began right out of high school working as an intern at the world famous Rainbow Room.
Arielle Williams
Arielle is a self taught, self motivated artist. Since she was young she's studied makeup books and techniques: always seeking to perfect her work.
Ashlyn Rose Gomez
Listing Category
I'm a writer and director looking to gain more experience. Willing to work as crew member or extra if needed.
Carol Seitz
Listing Category
Photography for film and television. 25+ years of experience. Hudson Valley Area.
Cassandra Saulter
Listing Category
Emmy nominated makeup artist for movies, TV, and stage.
Emily Merritt
Professional Graphic Design Artist
Greg Meola
Listing Category
Local 52 grip. Owner/operator 5 ton grip and lighting truck. for list.
Katy Walker
General producing, line producing & production management
Liann Schott
Listing Category
Experienced production assistant.
Mark DiMattia
Listing Category
A Television and Video professional providing production support as needed.
Matt Ruscher
Freelance film and video producer/crew member. Experience shooting and directing festival short films, custom wedding and event videos, business ads, and more.
Michael Fasman
Listing Category
I've managed communications projects and created digital media for corporations, non-profits and education from locations around the world. I'm passionate about organization, storytelling and traveling, having visited over 40 countries and produced programming in over a dozen.
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