Aletha Pape
Freelance/Script Writer/Blog Writer and more
Andrea Cordaro
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Represented by Tsu Tsu Stanton
TsuTsu007@gmail.com I 212.989.3424
Andrew Romulo
Eventrix Productions was founded by Andrew Romulo in 2005. His journey into the production industry began right out of high school working as an intern at the world famous Rainbow Room.
Anthony Pepe
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PepeFx, a professional makeup studio based in New York, is capable of fulfilling any of your makeup needs.
Antonio Rotundo
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Non-union; Actor. Based in the Hudson Valley, New York.
Bernie Wasserman
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Acting, writing, voice over, more
Brian Nieves
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Corporate and Event Photographer, boom operator, set builder, set rigger.
Cassandra Saulter
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Emmy nominated makeup artist for movies, TV, and stage.
Chris Knasiak
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30 plus years experience as a documentary DP.
Christian Frahme
Listing Category
Photography, film/video production, graphic design
Chuck Muckle
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Experienced Actor
Constance Klosterman
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Model, special fx/makeup artist, film/video editor, actress, more.
D.C. Anderson
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Actor Male, SAG-AFTRA age range mid 50’s - 70’s. 5’10”, 170, bald on top, facial hair. credits: BILLIONS, BLACKLIST, NORMAN, MILES also Broadway and Off Broadway, Steppenwolf, Guthrie.. rep: The Krasny Office 212-730-8160 reel: https://youtu.be/cF9VWUJlHzQ
Dannielle Rose
Voice-over/precision driving
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