While we strive to make it easy to film here, there is still a little paperwork we will need you to complete if you are interested in filming in Orange County. Some municipalities have their own forms. All others will make use of the general countywide film permit application, which can also be found below. If you are unsure of which form to complete, please call us at 845-615-3885 and we’ll give you a hand.

All forms will need to be submitted for approval at least 30 days before filming begins. If you are crunched for time, please call us and we will work with the municipality on your behalf to help expedite the process.

Download our forms here:

OCNY Film Permit

AFCI Local Expenditure Tracking form

OCNY Parks Dept Photography Permit


Applications by Cities:

City of Newburgh:

City of Middletown:

City of Port Jervis:


Applications by Towns:

Blooming Grove:






Applications by Villages:

Village of Chester:

Village of Greenwood Lake:

Village of Monroe:

Village of South Blooming Grove:

Village of Woodbury:



Palisades Interstate Park Commission