Supportive Services

Michelle Bayreuther, RN, Set Medic, Water Safety
Modern Love (S2)
I Know This Much Is True (Baby Nurse)
Succession (S3)
The Whale
The Gilded Age (S1)
White House Plumbers
Life & Beth (Baby Nurse)
Pretty Little Liars
OER GoPro Rental
Large stock of rental GoPro cameras and accessories.
Pandora Falkner
Our experienced staff can provide you with any video production needs you may have from commercial, medical, or industrial productions.
Pro Build
Pro Build is a full-service yard and kitchen center featuring a full line of building products, hardware, and dry wall items.
Prop & Paint Creative Studio, LLC
Each of the principal members has extensive experience in the entertainment industry and have been fortunate enough to have worked in some of the finest shops serving Broadway.
Rick Lavon
Full HD production and post production; 2 Full suites in Orange County.
Sheila Glenn
Acting, vocalist, and location scout assistant
Shira Aaron
Professional Make-up Artist
Terry Nelson
Executive Director of Beacon Independent Film Festival
TriFilm Pictures
TriFilm Pictures is an independent production house specializing in bringing together the necessary creative and technical elements for productions across all media fields.
Tuxedo Junction Fine Art – scenic artist services
Listing Category
We specialize in backdrops for the ballet industry and rent backdrops for parties and events, including: set painting, location stand-by, texture painting, crew management, etc.
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