Production Assistant

Aletha Pape
Freelance/Script Writer/Blog Writer and more
Eve Brue
As a freelancer with over 10 years in the industry, I understand production and will work hard to help your shoot go well!
Isabella Snider
I'm a Hudson Valley resident and have been a part of the industry for almost a year.
Liann Schott
Listing Category
Experienced production assistant.
Mark DiMattia
Listing Category
A Television and Video professional providing production support as needed.
Matt Ruscher
Freelance film and video producer/crew member. Experience shooting and directing festival short films, custom wedding and event videos, business ads, and more.
Samantha Gillespie
A classically trained soprano, flutist, and an artist. Experience in community theater, some Renegade baseball radio spots, a short stop-motion film for the Salvation Army, and has worked as a PA for Platinum Productions in Monroe.
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