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The Orange County Film Office serves as a liaison between the government and local private entities of Orange County and production companies. Our office provides concierge service to streamline processes through every step of film production and ensure positive experiences while filming in Orange County. We provide location and logistical assistance, facilitate permit applications, policing and traffic management and other referral resources. The OCNY Film Office maintains a growing locations database and provides scouting assistance, as well as casting and crew call support. The Film Office is a government agency that provides essential services at no charge with the sole intent of attracting more film and video productions to stimulate our local economy and enhance the quality of life in Orange County.

For Municipalities

Film production in New York State is increasing annually with producers from both New York and out-of-state companies taking advantage of the unique and beautiful regional locations for feature film, television, commercial, video, and multimedia projects.

For the private property owner, use of your home or business can be an exciting and possibly profitable opportunity when the scope of the project and the process involved is clearly understood. Determining appropriate contacts, establishing clear communications from the beginning, and identifying specific requirements and restrictions can facilitate the success of the project.

The following information is intended to assist you in gaining an understanding of the specifics of the project and to encourage you to realize the request is in fact a business proposal. As each project has specific considerations, all questions or needs cannot be addressed. This should, however, provide a basic foundation upon which to establish an agreement between you and the film company that will allow for a successful and pleasurable experience for everyone.

It is also important to understand that with the uniqueness of each film project, unforeseen circumstances can result, which may require more time, need for additional space, extra personnel, etc. It is therefore important to recognize this is the norm in making films, not the unusual, and to consider contingency plans as well as discuss options or fees with the production company.

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