Private Residence
Beautiful house with nearby creek surrounded by trees.
Prospect Rd Farm
This beautiful property features 10 acres of wood, a stream, and a 1750s house.
SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary
SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary provides a second chance to horses at risk of shipment to slaughter, abuse or neglect.
The Hill
The Hill, formerly known as Torohill Farms, is a privately owned homestead with 50 acres, a half mile driveway, pastoral views, and a portion of Satterly Creek running across the property.
Thomas Bull Memorial Park
The Thomas Bull Memorial Park is currently the second largest developed park in the County’s Park System, spanning over 719-acres.
Victorian House
Three story Victorian House located in Monroe, NY. The exterior of the house is covered in stone and siding. The home boasts a stone porch, a large main staircase and four fireplaces.
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