1841 Farmhouse, 1786 Cottage, 100 Acres
Multiple locations on a 100 acre area with multiple houses and lodging. Large ponds, Farm fields, vacant mowed fields, camping all in one location.
Hudson Valley Hideaways
Listing Category
165-acre property, boasting an abundance of natural beauty and an unparalleled variety of outdoor activities.
Private Residence
Beautiful house with nearby creek surrounded by trees.
Prospect Rd Farm
This beautiful property features 10 acres of wood, a stream, and a 1750s house.
The Hill
The Hill, formerly known as Torohill Farms, is a privately owned homestead with 50 acres, a half mile driveway, pastoral views, and a portion of Satterly Creek running across the property.
62 acres - wooded, open fields, hills, a ponds and a  brook. 5 Bedroom house with 3 bathrooms and 3 Fireplaces, located on a former children's camp.
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