ADS Warehouse

105 Ann Street facade and drive

Our space is a 1-story manufacturing building that has an urban industrial character. approx 8,000sf with 13ft ceilings and a fairly raw feeling. a front entry driveway with roll up gate and ground floor accessibility along with a 4-door loading dock and drive in the rear to make load-in and staging easy. open, column free space. rooftop is available as well; a 3,500sf open lot on the Washing Street side is available as well. great outdoor spaces for a raw industrial aesthetic. an adjacent city-operated parking lot allows for easy access, and all day parking with no hassle. very few limitations on what can be done in the space. Great for large gathering events, film shoots, photography shoots, music events. The building will be undergoing a transformation but the space is available at any time.

  • Washington Street loading dock and empy lot