Kallie Tedaldi

Kallie Tedaldi

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Kallie Tedaldi is an established Makeup Artist, as well as a New York state licensed Cosmetologist with over 15 years of experience. Kallie’s passion for making people look and feel their best has led her to specialize in Bridal and Beauty makeup.

Kallie discovered the power of makeup the first time that she tried mascara. It was an empowering moment when she realized that something as simple as accentuating your eye lashes, could make you feel so beautiful. From that moment on, Kallie knew that she wanted to empower others through makeup artistry.

Kallie attended Cosmetology School while she was in High School. After graduation, Kallie moved to NYC where she studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology and earned her BS Degree in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing.

During Kallie’s Sophomore year of college, she started working as a Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics in Manhattan. Working for MAC in the heart of New York City allowed her the opportunity to work with a diverse clientele of all ages and races.

Kallie has done make-up for New York Fashion Week, Tribeca Film Festival, AMFAR Gala, Met Gala, Grammys, NY1 News, Women’s Sports Foundation and a variety of special occasions. With her Cosmetology schooling, marketing experience, and years of beauty consulting Kallie has developed into a well rounded artist.

Website: Beauty By Kallie

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