Hawk’s Nest, Delaware River View

Hawk’s Nest, Delaware River View

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About four miles from Port Jervis, the Hawk’s Nest section of New York Route 97 has been frequently used in television commercials and advertisements.  A 30 minute drive from Port Jervis along this scenic road will lead to the oldest wire suspension bridge in the United States.   Called “The Delaware Aqueduct” when built in 1847, it was designed by John A. Roebling, future engineer of the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.  A museum/home of noted author, Zane Grey.  is found just across the river in Lackawaxen, PA.

At the foot of the Hawk’s Nest stand sturdy stone walls, remnants of the Delaware and Hudson canal (1828-1899) that ran parallel to the river here.

Opposite the Delaware river from the Hawks Nest is Pike County, Pennsylvania.

For more information about filming at Hawk’s Nest, please call or email the film office: (845) 615-3885 nmartinez@orangecountygov.com

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