“Finding Courage”, Free Pre-Screening

November 13, 2019 - News
“Finding Courage”, Free Pre-Screening

Free Pre-Screening of ‘Finding Courage’.

Friday, Nov 22, 6pm – 7:45pm

Seligmann Center – https://occitizensfoundation.org/seligmann-center/
23-26 White Oak Drive
Sugar Loaf, NY, 10981

Film Synopsis:
A former journalist for China’s state-run media and her family, having faced torture and murder at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party in China, must find the courage to heal from the past and face again their persecutors as they begin a covert operation into a labor camp to collect evidence from her sister’s killers.

SWOOP FILMS, the creators of “Finding Courage” are looking for valuable audience feedback of their film that is near completion. They ask that you fill out our questionnaire after the film.

Event is free of charge

Find out more about ‘Finding Courage’ at: Swoopfilms.com

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