Paradise Island

Paradise Island

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The property encompasses a long and narrow 20-acre island called “Paradise Island,” in the Neversink River, and an adjacent 20-acres of mountainside forest full of wild rhododendron trees.

On one half of the island, which is accessible via suspension bridge, is a three-story, three-bedroom country house with a stone fireplace and riverside screened-in porch that was designed by German architects and built in 1920 using river rocks; a one-story cabin designed as a place to enjoy before-and-after-dinner cocktails in a leather chair by the fire; a large kidney-shaped swimming pool with a diving rock surrounded by stone tile; an outdoor kitchen covered by a pergola; and the tip of the island, where there is an elevated fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs, towards which the river flows and divides, continuing past either side of the island.

Massive trees that tower over an understory of ferns within an old growth forest encompass the other half of the island, which has had relatively minimal human impact. In addition, there is a long private driveway that leads to the suspension bridge with ample space for parking on either side.

Please call the Film Office at (845) 615-3885 or email for more information or to schedule a scout visit.

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