Baynes Courtney – Cinematographer

Baynes Courtney – Cinematographer

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I am a highly skilled and proficient shooter with the ability to produce, film, and edit various types of content including commercials, skits, narratives, and any other creative idea that can contribute to the success of your project.

You can find examples of my work at

Notably, I have collaborated with CNBC, AJ+, MaxSold, Hearst Media, Bloomberg, ReMax, and NowThis, among others.

For instance, I filmed and edited a significant project for PBS’s NJ Spotlight News, detailing how climate change is affecting clam fishing. You can view it at

Another noteworthy achievement is the documentary “Marcy Made,” which I produced and directed, exploring DeHaven Irby’s connection to Jay Z. Available on Amazon, it has garnered considerable success:

One of my significant contributions includes a mini-documentary shot for AJ+, with Emmy winning journalist Yara Elmjouie, shedding light on the concerning state of public restrooms in the United States:

Additionally, I was interviewed by JVC, a leading electronics company, and they utilized the interview for marketing their camera, which is my primary tool for run-and-gun documentary work. You can find the interview at

In summary, my proficiency as a producer, cinematographer, and editor enables me to breathe life into your next project.

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