Lare Elling Lunde

Shooting B Camera on "Wall Street English".

If a picture says a thousand words then I must have A FRICKIN' LOT to say... Having spent the better part of my life behind one camera or another when not glued to a drawing desk designing things both great & small (or actually building them... usually both), I find the best projects are usually the ones where I get to take clients ideas and expand them to fill The Big Picture. I've built medieval taverns, shot a wind generator installation in a blizzard, been attacked by a Fisher Cat (giant angry weasel, look it up) scouting a shoot in a swamp, choreographed fights for vampire lesbian kickboxers and rigged the in a haunted WW2 submarine, among other things. There are a lot of ways to tell the story and I use every...single... one.

  • BTS from 2018, on "That Good Night".